Who Is

St Germain?

St Germain Design&Co. is a multinational floral and design firm that conceptualize ideas that are unique and exciting for any type of event ranging from a 20 person destination wedding to a 350 person gala. 

Our main job is to ensure that aesthetics are at its highest peak of performance for the events we produce. Every seeable detail- from our in house florists, custom textiles, chair selection, venue, lighting, etc.- is carefully selected to ensure the events are sewed together seamlessly.

Our mission is to create breath taking, jaw dropping events and weddings.  



The Brainchild


About Me:


Born + Raised in Miami

Music is life & art moves the spirit. I can’t function without either.

I host networking dinners on my down time (see here)

I enjoy cooking. Food is the entrance to my soul.

Books are life. I-love-to-read.

God is my rock

I am a #wifeyforlifey

I love my yorkie, Neko

St. Germain is my birth surname. I get asked this question alot!

My life’s mission is to be a source of light to others. Aside from designing parties I, along with my husband, help children create and design their life path. You can find out more here about what we do.