I dream. I create. I design. I aspire. 

I want to be a variety of things and if I could, I would be super woman. One day I was inspired by someone special who encouraged me to go back to being a florist and providing event design.  I've always had an eye for style and organization so when I booked my first wedding I got hooked!

My approach for every wedding and event is very different. No couple has the same love story, no event has the same purpose, so I focus on the details and make the flowers and decor tell the story you want to tell. My goal is to be that perfect storyteller for you and it is absolutely my favorite part of what I do. 

Little things:  Haitian-Bahamian, born and raised in Miami, music is life, art moves the spirit, I am a Brandy fanatic, I am a dreamer, I enjoy cooking, food is the entrance to my soul, good reads cure a bad day, Jesus is the light, I am a wife and I need Cuban Coffee to survive.